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  Questions and Answers     

Equipment Questions:

Q: What is the Warranty on the Equipment?
A. Manufacturers Warranty is 1 Year

Q: What can go wrong the Equipment?
A: There is minimal chance for failure of electronic parts, however, Light Tubes will get weak or wear out in time and will have to be replaced. We recommend always to keep a Spare Set of FastLight Tubes.

Q: What is the Tube Life?
A: Tube Life is as follows:
SP-275: approximately 8000 Flashes.
SP-180: approximately 10,000 Flashes.

Q: If FastLight Tubes need replacing, can I only replace one (1)?
A: The manufacturer suggests, to always replace all tubes on the equipment. Always make sure, the Equipment is turned off and Never touch the Light Tubes when hot.

Q: Where can I purchase the FastLight Tubes from?
A: You may purchase them directly from MSM or any Specialty Lighting Store.

Q: What is the PPC Button on the Equipment?
A: Always make sure, the Setting is on "Non-PPC" for FastLight Stamps.

Q: If the Wait Light is on, the equipment doesn't flash.
A: The equipment is overheated due to prolonged use. Allow to cool down.

Q: Is it OK to leave the Equipment on all day?
A: No, turn off the Equipment when not in use.

Q: What Maintenance is required?
A: Keep the FastLight Unit Clean, especially the Glass must be clean. Use Windex to clean the glass.

Manufacturing Questions:

Q: What is the Settings for FastLight Stamps?
A: SP-275 = 10 Setting, Non-PPC
    SP-180 = 12 Setting (machine will auto-select Non-PPC)

Q: How many flashes do I make?
A: SP-275 - 1 to 2 stamps = 1 flash, 3 to 4 stamps = 2 flashes
    SP-180 - 1 to 3 stamps = 2 flashes, 4 to 8 stamps = 3 flashes

Q: Which Type of Laser Printer should I use?
A: Most Laser Printers will give you satisfactory results, providing it is in good condition and gives you a Clear, Sharp Print-out. If the copy is faded or imperfect, your Printer needs servicing.

Q: Which DPI should I use on my Laser Printer?
A: Always, use the highest DPI for images, which will give you the most perfect impression. For text, 600 DPI is sufficient.

Q: Why do I need Clear Film to cover the Vellum?
A: The Clear Film keeps the Vellum Clean and insures, that the Toner on the Vellum does not transfer to the Foam.

Q: Is the Layout and Spacing between the Stamps important?
A: Always place the stamps in uniform direction and keep at least 1/2" Space between the stamps.

Q: Can I use the Maximum Space of the Glass?
A: No, always keep your copy centered within the glass area.

Q: Why do I need a Platform?
A: The Platform is needed to assure uniform Pressure to the Foam and reduces or eliminates unwanted Cracks. By using the FastLight Foam, Crack problems are completely eliminated.

Q: How can I repair Cracks in the Foam?
A: Use a Hot Pen to eliminate and seal any imperfection on the foam. Nail Polish can also be used.

Q: How do I place the Foam unto the Vellum?
A: The FastLight Size Chart has a "Inside" Border and "Outside Border". Make sure, the "Inside Border" is Deleted. Place the Foam on the Vellum and Line-up with the "Outside Border". This is a Fast and Easy process because you can see the Outside Lines around the Foam.

Q: Which Ink should use to ink the stamp or to re-ink the stamp?
A: We recommend for quality reasons, always to use "W" FastLight Ink.

Q: When purchasing Vellum Film or Clear Transparencies, what do I ask for?
A: Always ask for HDVP Vellum Film and Transparencies compatible with Laser Printers. Incompatible Film may melt in the rollers and damage your laser printer.

Q: What makes the "FastLight" System different or better then other systems?
A: * The "FastLight" System inks your ink cartridge in 30 Seconds and your Foam in 6 to 12 Minutes, depending on the size of the foam.
* "FastLight" Foam and Special Formula FastLight Ink travels 5 times faster than any other ink.
* "FastLight" is the Only Pre-Ink System for "While You Wait" Customer Service. This will allow you to charge Rush Charges plus it will impress your customers with your Speed in Manufacturing.
* "FastLight" Foam does not warp or dome, it remains perfectly flat.
* "FastLight" Stamps do not stick to paper due to the special formula foam and ink.
* "FastLight" Foam does not crack, if you follow our simple instructions.
* "FastLight" Foam does not print borders, which aren't there. (Due to cracks on the edges)

Product Questions:

Q: Is there a Shelf Life for Foam and Ink Cartridge?
A: No, there is no shelf life for foam and ink cartridges. It is recommended to store the foam sealed.

Q: Can I purchase Ink Cartridges Uninked (Dry)?
A: Yes, you have a Choice: Simply Order Inked or Uninked

Q: Do you have Minimum Purchase Requirements or can I just order a few?
A. We have no Minimum and you can order any quantity. Box Quantity is also available.

Q: Can I also order ink cartridges or foam seperately?
A: Yes, you can order all of our materials and supplies seperately.

Q: How do you ship your merchandise, in pieces or assembled?
A: "FastLight" Products are sold Complete with Mount, Ink Cartridge and Foam , Inked or uninked and carefully packed.

Please feel free to call us with any additional questions you may have.

We offer free telephone support for our products.

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