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   FastLight Information    

Riso Machine

MSM offers two sizes, Model SP-275 (A-6 Size) and Model SP-180 (A-4 Size).

For small companies, we recommend one (1) Riso Unit, Model SP-275, which enables you to produce up to 100 Pre-inked Stamps per Day. Requires only a small table space.

For medium companies, we recommend two (2) Riso Units, Model SP-275, which enables you to produce between 200 to 300 Pre-inked Stamps per Day. Requires a 2' X 6' work bench.

For large companies, we recommend two (2) Riso Units, Model SP-180, which enables you to produce up to 600 Pre-inked Stamps per Day. Requires a 2' X 6' work bench.

The recommendation for the two (2) Riso Units is to speed up your Production by switching from one machine to the other to allow each machine to cool down between runs.

The unit has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty (excluding Light Tubes).

Items Necessary to produce FastLight Pre-inked Stamps
You should have a computer, a graphics or type-setting program, and a laser printer to print the stamp impression image onto the vellum transparency film.
You also need HDV Vellum - (Use instead laser paper in your laser printer) 50 sheets per pack and Clear Film to protect the Foam (50 sheets per pack).
Other than that, we ship everything complete in one unit (Inked or Uninked) - Assembled FastLight Mount with Trim Ring, Inked Ink Cartridge and Foam.

How to make FastLight Pre-inked Stamps Fast and Easy
It's a Snap to make FastLight Pre-inked Stamps. You can make one single stamp in less then 15 minutes or 10 multiple stamps in less then 30 minutes. FastLight is an excellent opportunity for you to modernize your Pre-ink Stamp Manufacturing with only minimal investment of less then $4000.00 including Supplies to Start Your Own Business.
FastLight is a very clean and quiet manufacturing system and requires only a small work space.
Simply follow our instructions on the FastLight Instructions Page to produce the Best Quality Pre-inked Stamps.

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